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Hood Savior Inc. 

Brittany J.

Hood Savior Inc. developed a great partnership with Talin Group LLC/TALIN University. Their innate expertise and dedication to financial education is overtly evident through every aspect of their company processes and procedures. We appreciate their attention to detail and customized approach to developing and bringing to life our financial fitness curriculum for youth and adults.

As a new entrepreneur, I didn't know where to begin in starting up my business. Terrenny not only helped me register my business and get all of my paperwork in order, but she continues to coach me in goal setting, managing, and scaling my business. 

Youthpreneur Day

Talin Group held a Financial Fitness 101 class during our Youthpreneur event. It was a success! The class learned all about budgeting, saving, improving their credit and so much more! During the class, everyone including the instructor shared their history with finances, the good and bad, and walked away with concrete tools to improve their future money decisions. 

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