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Literacy Dreams Event Series

The Literacy Dreams Event Series is a captivating quarterly event that aims to transform the reading landscape for children. At the heart of this initiative is the Peyton the Great children's book brand, designed not only to foster strong reading habits but also to underscore essential values such as diversity, empowerment, resilience, and the power of dreaming.


Our mission is to address the critical issue that currently affects 66% (two-thirds) of students in the United States who are not reading at a proficient level.

We believe that instilling a love for reading from an early age is paramount to academic success and personal development. Through The Literacy Dreams Event Series, we intend to provide engaging stories, interactive activities, and valuable resources to children and their families.


Our goal is to make reading an enjoyable and enriching experience, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Event Goals

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Literacy Dreamers

Who Should Attend?


The primary focus is on youth. The goal is to instill a love for reading, promote literacy, and make the reading experience enjoyable and engaging.

Parents and Families

Encouraging family participation is crucial. Parents play a vital role in fostering reading habits in their children, and family engagement can enhance the impact of the event.

Educators and School Communities

Involvement of educators, schools, and educational communities is important. The event will provide resources and support for teachers working to improve literacy levels.

Community Organizations and Partners

Collaborating with local community organizations, libraries, and non-profits can expand the reach of the event and strengthen the community's commitment to promoting strong reading habits.

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